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Steam Boilers, Package Boilers, Industrial Boilers, Smoke Tube Boilers & many more

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter ofSteam Boilers, Package Boilers, Industrial Boilers, Smoke Tube Boilers, Solid Fuel Fired Boilers, Twin Furnace Boilers, Double Furnace Boilers, Oil Fired Boilers, Gas Fired Boilers, Industrial Combopack Boilers, Industrial Membrane Boilers, Industrial Boiler Accessories, Industrial Boiler Spares, Forced Draught (FD) Fans, Induced Draught (ID) Fans, Multi Cyclone Dust Collectors, Air Preheaters, Water Preheaters, Industrial Boiler Feed Pumps, Mobery Controllers, Level Gauges, Fuel Supply Systems, Ash Removal Systems, Industrial Boiler Control Panels, Industrial Boiler Chimneys (Guy Rope And Self Supporting Type), Blowdown Tanks, Deareator Vessels And Deaerator Heads, Steam Distribution Accessories, Steam Pressure Reducing Stations (Steam PRS), Steam Trapping Modules, Air Vent Modules, Desuperheating Systems, Steam Flow Meters, Condensate Recovery Management Systems, Condensate Trapping Modules, Steam Operated Condensate Pumps, Flash Steam Separators (Vessels), Thermocompressor Systems, Disc Type Flow Check Valves, Energy Audits (in field of Steam, Compressed Air, Water and other process fluids) from Pune, Maharashtra, India. As Industrial Boiler Project Consultants; we undertake Industrial Boiler Projects Consultancy Services.



Silson was established in the year 1989 by Mr.Farrokh P Mahava who has an experience of 32 years in Steam Engineering. Over the years, Silson has made a name in the market by ensuring clients satisfaction, by maintaining product quality and prompt delivery.

  • From small beginnings, Silson is now a well-established firm, with a factory shed of over 12,000 sq ft.
  • The firm has IBR approval for the manufacturing of Pressure Vessels, Boilers and the fabrication of Steam Pressure Reducing Stations (Steam PRS), De-Superheating Stations, Headers, etc.
  • At Silson, we have a well-equipped production facility, manned by trained and experienced personnel.
  • Quality Control measures are in place, and Pre-despatch Inspection is a standard routine practise at Silson.